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South African drilling teams attending Vermeer's 2017 International HDD Rodeo!

September 15th and 16th 2017 Vermeer hosted an HDD Rodeo and Customer event at their regional office in the Netherlands. The event was attended by close to 400 visitors from around the Europe, Middle-East and Africa region. 52 teams competed representing 13 different countries, including 3 teams from South Africa travelling more than 9000 kilometers to the venue.

The Rodeo team of Rambore from Cape Town with Solly Bower operating the D23x30 S3 drill and Juan van Zyl locating with a DCI F5 Falcon system made it into the quarter finals of the contest. In the quarter finals which were held on the second day of the event they were knocked out by the team who would later win the finals.

The P&H-2 from Denmark claimed the title of 2017 EMEA HDD Rodeo Champions in a close race against teams from Italy and Germany. Beyond the drilling competition visitors could enjoy a full line product display of Vermeer's Environmental Grinders and Chippers or attend carnival style games, helicopter flights and buggy-tours through the countryside of the province of Zeeland. In the evening all competing teams, registered event spectators, Global Vermeer Equipment Distributors and Factory representatives enjoyed an all continents buffet dinner, great entertainment and live music. Watch a short impression of the event below.

To Watch a short impression of the event Click Here.