Our Equipment

Mala GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Easy Locator

The Mala GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Easy Locator is an advanced modern standard ground penetrating radar system for underground utility locating. This Easy Locator is used to find non-metallic utilities and to perform surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

Seba KMT Easyloc RX

The Seba KM Easyloc RX utility locating system is used to detect and trace cable runs and pipe networks. It is a fast to operate and designed to avoid potential dangerous power cables and other utility services.

Digitrak F2 Locating System

The Digitrak F2 Locating System is used during horizontal directional drilling operations to locate and track a transmitter that’s installed in the drill head. The system consists of a handheld receiver, a transmitter and a remote display. The F2 Locating System includes the advanced features of Predicted Depth, Off-Track Locating and Target Steering to navigate the drill head easily and accurately even when obstacles prevent walkover tracking.